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Varicose veins: Implications and treatments

Varicose veins are a common medical condition, especially in women, and are easily visible. The typical characteristics of varicose veins are enlarged, raised, and twisted veins in the legs’ subcutaneous tissue.


What is Chronic obsessive pulmonary diseases (COPD)?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a disease where there is a blockage of airflow in and out of the lungs, making it difficult to breathe.


What are Autoclave Sterilizers?

Autoclave sterilizers also know as steam sterilizers are sterilizers or vessels that are subjected to high temperature and pressure. These vessels or chambers are pressurized and bought to high temperatures.


Best Pre-operative Practices to Follow Before a Surgery!

Preparation for Surgery, as the experts say, is more than half the battle won. Here’s a quick run-through of the most up-to-date processes, tools, products, medical technology, and equipment that are needed in the preoperative stage.

Asthma: Common Symptoms & Treatments

Symptoms of asthma can be confused with symptoms of cold and bronchitis. Find out more about symptoms of asthma and how to keep it in control.

Anesthesia- all you need to know before you take one

Are you planning to get surgery done any time soon? Anesthesia is a prerequisite to any surgery and here are the things you need to know about anesthesia before you schedule your surgery.

How are Drypads better than Underpads?

Both drypads and underpads offer protection, but research and myriads of experiences have proved that drypads are superior to underpads for numerous reasons. Read more to know the difference between them.

The Manifold Advantages of AVG Dental X-Ray Technology

RadioVisioGraphy (RVG), popularly known as Dental X-Ray, especially in dental care, has witnessed a massive surge. The types and benefits of Dental X-Ray are many but let’s first understand the advantages of AVG Dental X-Ray Technology.

General Equipments for a Hospital ICU

A hospital gives its patient state of the ark treatments in an ICU. The equipment used in an ICU is entirely different from that of a normal ward. There is a handful of equipment that is a must in an intensive care unit to function. Let's have a look at them individually…

World AIDS Day: Causes, Symptoms and How To Stay Clear of HIV

Statistics show that each year almost 1 million people die from HIV. The scariest part is that about 21% of people are mostly ignorant of their infection until the last stage. Let's create awareness & spread the word to the world.

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