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General Equipments for a Hospital ICU

A hospital gives its patient state of the ark treatments in an ICU. The equipment used in an ICU is entirely different from that of a normal ward. There is a handful of equipment that is a must in an intensive care unit to function. Let's have a look at them individually…

World AIDS Day: Causes, Symptoms and How To Stay Clear of HIV

Statistics show that each year almost 1 million people die from HIV. The scariest part is that about 21% of people are mostly ignorant of their infection until the last stage. Let's create awareness & spread the word to the world.

5 Best Ways to Prevent Air Pollution

In this blog, we will walk you through some major measures taken by the Indian government to prevent and reduce pollution, and also a few common methods that can be adopted by anyone to “Prevent & Protect From” pollution.

Daily Tips for Life After Colostomy

Undergoing colostomy is a big decision, and sometimes, it’s the only viable treatment option left. This article will outline colostomy, colostomy bags, their types and usage. We have added some tips for lifestyle adjustments too.

Types of Nebulizers and its advantages

Amidst the increased risk of respiratory disorders, there is high demand for different types of nebulizers in hospitals and homes for care. Kogland allows you to browse through a wide range of nebulizers for issues like asthma. Click here to learn more about the types of nebulizers and their advantages.

New Mom: Taking Care of Yourself after Pregnancy

A woman is born again when she gives birth. Very True! Taking care of yourself becomes as mandatory as that of the newborn. So, here you will find out how to take proper care of yourself.

Essential nutrients for the human body

Nutrients are essential for the growth, health, maintenance, and development of the human body. Lesser intake of nutrients can cause the body to develop nutritional deficiencies that can lead to health problems later in life. In this blog, we will walk you through some of the major nutrients that you need to stay fit and healthy.

Know your heart better: Healthy Foods & Tips

The heart is the center of the human body. It is as fragile as any other organ and hence needs to be taken care of every day. According to the American health association, by the end of 2030 around 23.6 million people would lose their lives to some type of cardiovascular disease. Here's something that could help you on your path forward in maintaining good heart health.

Different types of Walking Crutches

There are different types of walking crutches available in the market and it is important to choose the right one. The incorrect crutches can lead to crutch palsy which can damage the nerves beneath the arms and also result in weak forearm muscles, wrists, and hands.

Recognizing Certified Hand Sanitizers

However, not every sanitizer in the market is effective and helps prevent viruses. Only the ones with apt certification and license guarantee maximum prevention and safety. This blog will help you understand the certification for hand sanitizers and enable you to choose the right products seamlessly.

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