ZSR Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

ZSR Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

ZSR Disposable Circumcision Anastomat


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ZSR Circumcision
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  • Patented design – Aesthetic and functional
  • Safe and painless
  • Standard and efficient
  • Humanized

ZSR Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

  • Disposable circumcision anastomat is a surgical instrument for circumcision and suturing surgery on Male Urology.
  • It is characterized by simple operation, safe and efficient, simultaneous completion of circumcision and suturing. It is a pioneering invention on urologic surgical procedures.
  • Traditional circumcision and suturing surgery approaches have shortcomings such as complicated surgery, long duration, more hemorrhage, painful, rare neat incision, postoperative hematoma.
  • ZSR disposable circumcision anastomat can solve all problems. The product combines clinical medicine experience and simple structure design to enable male urological surgeries be refined, safe, rapid and perfect.


The operating principle of anastomat is similar to that of stapler.

  • Through a mechanical driving device, anastomat will be put into a module in advance.
  • After passing through two layers of tissues, the suturing nail of single-use prepuce cutting anastomat will be blacked by the front pin-resisting seat and bent inward to make two layers of tissues nailed together.
  • The suturing nail is made of 316L stainless steel; it has a relatively good biocompatibility.
  • As suturing nails are lined up with equal distance and suturing tightness is appropriate, thus, the defects that the manual suture is too sparse or too dense and that the ligation is too tight or too loose can be avoided, which not only guarantees good healing of tissues but also largely shortens the operation time.


  • It is applicable to male patients with phimosis and redundant prepuce.


  • Male genital circumcision
  • Department of Male Urology


  • Man with malformed prepuce or glans (including the person whose prepuce and glans widely and tightly adhere together)
  • Man whose prepuce and glens are infected and the person with edema around glans
  • Man who is suspected to have penile carcinoma
  • Man who suffers from systematic disease (such as bleeding tendency, hypoproteinemia serious cardiovascular disease, etc.) and mental disease and can’t receive surgery
Packaging contains 1 unit of ZSR Disposable Circumcision Anastomat
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