Woodpecker UDS-E-LED Ultrasonic Scaler Unit

Woodpecker UDS-E-LED Ultrasonic Scaler Unit

Woodpecker UDS-E-LED Ultrasonic Scaler Unit


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The handpiece is cast from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanical function and durability.
The handpiece is Assembled with excellent piezo-ceramic material.
The cable is made from a silica gel tube which is soft and durable.
The scaling tip is made of special material. The cavitation produced from the end of the scaling tip makes the cleaning of teeth and the killing of germ easy.
Digitally controlled which increases the efficiency of scaling.
The scope of oscillation amplitude is wider.
The new design of electric valves controlling the water is much better in comparison to other conventional scalers.
User-friendly design.
Eliminating dental calculus, bacterial plaque, and tea stains on the teeth quickly without hurting the gums or the enamel.
Small volume, lightweight, easy to operate.
The material of the detachable handpiece is made in America which can be autoclaved under high temperature and pressure.
The inner water pipe is made from antiseptic material in which clinical fluids such as Hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, and sodium hypochlorite, etc. may be used perfectly under the mode of the auto-water supply system. So that the performance of perio and endo is improved dramatically.
Two modes of water supply: purified water from the outside or auto water supply.
Compatible with EMS's handpiece and tips.

- Ultrasonic Scaler Unit

  • - Ultrasonic Scaler UDS E-Led by woodpecker is a multi-function scaler that works in three different modes ie, general, perio and endo with a feature of an automatic frequency tracking system which ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and perform functions more steadily.
  • - The main unit has small volume, light weight with a new shape which is more beautiful. It also has an auto-water supply function.
  • - The handpiece is detachable and can be autoclaved to the high temperature of 135℃ and the pressure of 0.22MPa.

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