Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Ligating Clips- (Box of 84)

Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Ligating Clips- (Box of 84)

Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Ligating Clips- (Box of 84)


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Bosses are designed to retain clip in applier jaws
Integrated teeth interface with the vessel and are designed to prevent slippage
Bow-shape design allows removal with appropriate instrument
Hinge allows flexibility in clip placement prior to clip locking
Locking mechanism provides tactile feedback and secure closure
Nonabsorbable polymer is inert, nonconductive, and radiolucent; it does not interfere with CT, MRI, or X-ray diagnostics.
Size Medium Medium-Large Large XL
Vessel Size Range 2mm-7mm 3mm-10mm 5mm-13mm 7mm-16mm

Non- Absorbable Polymer Ligation Clips

  • As the #1 selling locking polymer clip, the Hem-o-lok® System offers quality, reliability, and performance in clip security.
  • Featuring a first-of-its-kind locking mechanism and distinct tactile feedback, the Hem-o-lok® System gives surgeons the confidence of knowing they’ve locked securely on the patient vessel.
  • Backed by 84 peer-reviewed articles, no other polymer clip stands on so much evidence to support clinical and financial outcomes. 
  • Because the Hem-o-lok® System is a cold ligation system, there's no chance of thermal spread to vital structures – a common concern of many surgeons when using energy-based ligation solutions.
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