Tynor Contoured L.S. Support

Tynor Contoured L.S. Support

Tynor Contoured L.S. Support


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Anatomically contoured rigid splints maintain the natural low back curve, allay pain due to mechanical stresses, gets rid of postural fatigue, ensure strong back reinforcement for perfect, immobilization
Aluminum splints are malleable and customizable, offer strong splinting and accurate support for immobilization in the neutral position
Double pull mechanism ensure secure fitting and better immobilization
Ethafoam back pad offers high cushioning even in thin sections. Provides better comfort, without compromising immobilization
Large hook loop panel allows controlled compression, sizing flexibility, easy application and removal of the belt
Highly recommended where high degree of immobilization and accurate posture is required

Contoured L.S Support

  • Contoured L.S. Support is scientifically designed to support and immobilize the lumbo sacral region and correct the postural deformity to allay low back pain syndrome. It has rigid, malleable and contoured back splints which can be customized for correct posture and most effective immobilization.
  • > Customizable for correct posture
  • > Double pull mechanism
  • > High degree of immobilization
  • > Anatomical preshaped splints
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