Slaney (SS0045) Elastic Adhesive Bandage (10cmx4/6mtr)

Slaney (SS0045) Elastic Adhesive Bandage (10cmx4/6mtr) - 1's Pack

Slaney (SS0045) Elastic Adhesive Bandage (10cmx4/6mtr) - 1's Pack


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  • - Pack Size: 1 bandage roll
  • - Good elasticity (10cmx4/6mtr)
  • - Two-fold cotton fabric
  • - Brand Name: Slaney Plast, elastic adhesive bandage
  • - Color: Skin

- Slaney (SS0045) Elastic Adhesive Bandage (10cmx4/6mtr) - 1's Pack

  • - Slaney's Plast consists of a woven fabric, elastic in the warp, which has been spread evenly with an adhesive mass, which does not offset when the bandage is unrolled.
  • - The warp threads consist of two-fold cotton threads crepe twisted and the welt threads are of cotton/viscose/both mixed.
  • - The warp threads are arranged in two threads S twisted and two threads Z twist repeated.
  • - The fabric is clean & reasonably free from weaving defects & other impurities. It is one continuous length without joints and has fast edges.
  • - Application: Ideal bandage for support strapping fractures, muscle injuries, elbows, knees, and shoulders especially requiring elasticity.


- Pack contains a single unit of Slaney (SS0045) Elastic Adhesive Bandage (10cmx4/6mtr)

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