Dyna Sego Ankle Binder

Dyna Sego Ankle Binder

Dyna Sego Ankle Binder


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  • The sleeve is made of sturdy elastic fabric which provides warmth, and mild compression and improves healing
  • The breathable elastic wrap, in figure 8 is designed to provide added stability to the ankle
  • Double action design helps prevent inversion or aversion injuries

Ankle Binder offers a 2-way benefit of elastic ankle support for mild compression and elastic wrap for added stability of the ankle

  1. Consists of a breathable elastic wrap and compression sleeve
  2. The anatomically contoured 4-way stretchable sleeve provides gentle compression which pushes extra swelling away from the ankle
  3. Extra wrap in the figure 8 model improves ankle stability
  4. Dual action support improves ankle stability and prevents further injury
  5. Hoop and loop closure ensures controlled compression and pain relief
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