PROXIMATE PPH Circular Stapler (PPH03)

PROXIMATE PPH Circular Stapler (PPH03)


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  • Staple Technology: B-Form
  • Device Technology: Procedure Set
  • Dia Size: 33mm
  • Staple Rows: 2
  • Closed Staple Height: 0.75mm-1.5mm
  • No of Staples: 28
  • Staple Leg Length: 4mm
  • Knife Diameter: 24.4mm
  • Category: Surgical Stapling
** Free suture available with the product

33mm Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler Set

- PROXIMATE Circular Staplers are designed for "Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH)".

- The PROXIMATE PPH set includes a 33mm hemorrhoidal circular stapler, suture-threader, circular anal dilator, and purse-string suture anoscope.

  • Closed staple height of 0.75mm-1.5mm
  • Designed to increase staple line compression on tissue and key blood vessels
  • Quick-close adjusting knob – allows rapid instrument open and close while maintaining controlled tissue compression
  • Suture-threader ports – allow easy retrieval of suture through instrument housing
  • Clear Anoscope – reference markings for enhanced visualization of the anatomy and precise placement of the purse-string sutures
  • Fixed anvil – mitigates accidental detachment
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