Prime Dental RC Help

Prime Dental RC Help

Prime Dental RC Help


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Prime Dental Rc helps 3gm Facilitates the search for calcified mouths of the root canals of teeth.
Prime Dental Rc help facilitates the cleaning and formation of the root canal walls, due to the dissolution of calcium salts.
Isolates the active atomic oxygen during chemical interaction with sodium hypochlorite.
It has a whitening effect.
The more active the foaming, the deeper the material penetrates into the dentin and the better the softening process of the hard tissues.
Lubrication while bio-mechanical preparation.
Chelation of dentin due to the presence of EDTA.
Canal cleansing due to the presence of Carbamide Peroxide.

- Lubricating Paste

  • - Prime Dental RC Help is a lubricating paste for root canal Biomech.
  • - The EDTA paste contains carbamide peroxide which helps increase the root canal treatment instrument’s life.
  • - The paste has a three-fold advantage in root canal bio-mechanical preparation by the action of lubrication while bio-mechanical preparation, chelation of dentin due to the presence of EDTA, and canal cleansing due to presence of Carbamide Peroxide.


  • - Advantages:
  • Ease for preparations.
  • Allows minimum condensation and packing.
  • White colors provide good contrast.
  • The high rate of flow and thinner film.
  • Stable, reliable, and effective chelating and sequestering solution.
  • Canal cleansing due to the presence of Carbamide Peroxide.
  • Increases RCT instrument’s life.
  • Gentle Orelease while irrigating with NaOCl.
  • It avoids complications related to silica in the peri-apical region.
  • RC HELP can be dispensed by a needle in the pulpal chamber directly or can be easily picked with the instrument to carry in a canal.
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