Oxisensor (EXP100N/A) Neonate Adult Spo2 Sensor

Oxisensor (EXP100N/A) Neonate Adult Spo2 Sensor

Oxisensor (EXP100N/A) Neonate Adult Spo2 Sensor


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  • Nellcor compatible
  • Textile probe - 9 pin
  • Contains no latex
  • Secure fit for long-term monitoring
  • Fragile skin deserves protection

Oxisensor (EXP100N/A) Neonate Adult Spo2 Sensor


  • Nellcor Oxisensor II Adhesive Sensors maintain strong signals from weak pulses right from the start.
  • Provide a comfortable, secure fit for long-term monitoring.
  • Patient: Neonatal
  • The sensor performs better in low perfusion and thick tissue, stays on longer, and is repositioned without pulling on or damaging fragile skin.
  • With brighter LEDs, a new silicone adhesive, and a lower profile, it’s a lighter touch on patients allowing more time to connect.


  • Stays in place longer, even through motion
  • Removes 87% less skin cells from fragile skin
  • 50% better signal acquisition and 50% reduction in time to post in simulated low perfusion and thicker tissue 
  • Managing motion interference
  • Is easy to peel apart and reposition
  • Withstands up to 18 repositions


  • Contains 1 unit x Oxisensor Neonate Adult Spo2 Sensor
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