Operation Theatre Gowns

Operation Theatre Gowns

Operation Theatre Gowns

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Fire retardant
Stain resistant
Water repellent

Anti-microbial uniforms for medical staff

- Fly inc clothing and accessories are designed for professional performance in hospital and healthcare environments.

- Anti-microbial uniforms are available for medical staff, and also provided are lab coats for laboratory professionals.

- Industry-standard clothing in a style for every healthcare role, can be made available.

- Fly Inc healthcare uniforms are descent and modest, designed distinctively for the entire medical staff.

- These provide a significant look to the diligent doctors and their respective teams who have the priorities lined up in their medical profession.

- The hospital uniforms manufactured and supplied by Fly Inc. have sensible pocketing in and out, in order to hang or keep instruments such as the stethoscope and much more.

- The highest quality standards are maintained in the manufacturing process.

- Fabrics used are Cotton, Polyester, Poly Cotton, Terry Cotton, Polyester Viscose and Terry Wool.

  • Material: Poly Cotton
  • Fabric Colour: Blue
  • Available Sizes: Medium / Large
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces
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