Dyna New Mom Disposable Pad Fixators- 5's Pack

Dyna New Mom Disposable Pad Fixators- 5's Pack

Dyna New Mom Disposable Pad Fixators- 5's Pack


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  • An ideal way to hold pads post-delivery
  • After delivery, a woman will feel uncomfortable and pain on wearing normal panties which will constrict the stitches. Lack of air circulation may result in slow healing of wounds.
  • NewMom Pad fixator offers a comfortable and hygienic way of holding pads
  • Generously shaped for added comfort
  • Breathable material offers protection from fungal infections. Aeration reduces odor and helps to maintain better health and hygiene
  • Soft and stretchable waistband prevents itching and pain caused by rubbing against the incisions

Disposable panties to be used first 3 days after child-birth - 850ml capacity

-  To be used first 3 days after childbirth - 850ml capacity

-  With NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator there is no longer a need to spend time trying to remove difficult spots caused by normal bleeding after childbirth.

-  New mothers can change and get rid of the underwear as often as necessary and give attention to the more important parts of motherhood - such as spending time with the newborn.

-  NewMom Disposable Pad Fixator is specially designed to hold the pads gently and discreetly.

-  The stretchable fabric is comfortable to wear after a cesarean section, as it can be worn either below or above the scar.

-  The distinctive material allows practical easy care as it washes well and dries quickly

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