Medicept Medi Pak Retraction Cord - 1's Pack

Medicept Medi Pak Retraction Cord - 1's Pack

Medicept Medi Pak Retraction Cord - 1's Pack


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  • Interlocking Knitted Loops
  • Unsurpassed Retraction/Displacement
  • Easy to Control and Place
  • Non-Impregnated
  • Holds More Hemostatic Solution

Medicept Medi Pak Retraction Cord - 1's Pack


  • Various Sizes
  • Bright Coloring
  • Immediate Size Identification
  • Cord Length: 8 feet (244cm)
  • Available Sizes: #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, & #3
  • Length Options: 8 feet (244cm) of cord is provided in each bottle
  • Hemostatic Agent: Holds and carries significantly more hemostatic solution than other cords
  • Tissue Displacement: Exerts gentle continuous force on the sulcular tissue
  • Size Options: Available in various sizes, suitable for different procedures and teeth
  • Coloring: Bright color for easy location and immediate size identification


  • Preparation: Before starting the procedure, ensure that the tooth preparation area is clean and dry. Have the necessary dental instruments and hemostatic agent (if required) readily available.
  • Select Cord Size: Choose the appropriate size of the Medi-Pak Cord based on the tooth and procedure requirements. Refer to the packaging or product information for guidance on selecting the correct size.
  • Hemostatic Agent (If Required): Before placing the Medi-Pak Cord, if a hemostatic agent is needed, apply the required amount of the hemostatic solution to the cord.
  • Placement: Gently insert the Medi-Pak Cord into the sulcus (the space between the tooth and the gum tissue) using dental tweezers or a suitable instrument. Carefully navigate the cord around the preparation area, ensuring it reaches the desired depth.
  • Loop Interlock: The Medi-Pak Cord's knitted loops are designed to interlock, providing excellent retention and tissue displacement. Confirm that the cord is securely in place and that the loops are effectively engaging the sulcular tissue.
  • Continuous Force: The knitted design exerts a gentle continuous force on the sulcular tissue, aiding in tissue displacement and promoting hemostasis. Allow sufficient time for the cord to work its effect on the tissues, usually a few minutes.
  • Procedure: Proceed with the intended dental procedure (e.g., crown placement, veneer preparation) while ensuring that the Medi-Pak Cord remains in place to maintain tissue retraction and hemostasis.
  • Removal: When the procedure is complete and before taking impressions, carefully remove the Medi-Pak Cord. Grasp the cord with dental tweezers or an appropriate instrument, gently pulling it out of the sulcus.
  • Dispose of Used Cord: Properly dispose of the used Medi-Pak Cord according to local regulations and infection control protocols.


  • 1 X Each Medicept Medi Pak Retraction Cord bottle contains 8 feet (244cm)
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