Mani RT Files - 6's Pack

Mani RT Files - 6's Pack

Mani RT Files - 6's Pack


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  • - Highly flexible
  • - Effective for curved canals
  • - High fracture stability

- Mani RT Files - 6's Pack 

- The special cross-section combines high flexibility and outstanding cutting ability.

MANI RT Files are endodontic tools that are designed to shape and enlarge the root canal. Due to the special cross-section and edge angle, this file combines high flexibility and outstanding cutting abilities. As the RT file is made out of MANI Hardfiber Stainless steel, the file can be pre-curved before treatment. This reduces the risk of cutting away excessively from a curved root canal. The fractured angle of the MANI RT File is much higher than the one of a regular K file. The ISO standard size makes it easy to add the Reamer into your existing workflow. Benefit from a highly accurate taper. Precision above ISO standard. This secures a smooth workflow.


  • High fracture stability and high flexibility.
  • Deep spaces between cutting edges for fast transportation of debris.
  • Pre-shapeable for curved canals.
  • Sharp edge for fast and effective treatment.
  • Wrapping treatment gives the surface a mirror finish.
  • For fast cleaning during usage.
  • ISO-colored grip easily indicates the taper of the file.
  • Highly accurate taper: Precision above ISO standard.
  • Secures a smooth workflow.
  • Corrosion resistance and high durability.


  • Root Canal Enlargement
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