Mani Medium K File - 6's Pack

Mani Medium K File - 6's Pack

Mani Medium K File - 6's Pack


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  • Turn and Pull usage
  • Square cross-sectional
  • Better flexibility and cutting force than the K-Files shape
  • Better penetration force than the K-Files


Mani Medium K File - 6's Pack

  • K-Files is manufactured in accordance with ISO standards.
  • The thinnest sections are half as thick as the widest sections reducing the load on the file
  • Using a medium-size ISO-compliant file enables more efficient enlargement of a root canal.


  • Rotate the file about 1/4 turn to cut into the dentine, then pull it out to continue


  • Rotate the file about 30 to 60 degrees clockwise, and again to the same degree counterclockwise.
  • Repeat this step to cut the dentine.


  • Cut the root canal using the file while maintaining uniform force to all of its walls.
  • Insert the file into the root canal, gently apply force in the apical direction and rotate the file clockwise.
  • Next, rotate the file counterclockwise while applying force in the apical direction.
  • Finally, remove the file while rotating it clockwise.
  • Repeat this step up to the working length.
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