Mani Glide Finder Hand File - 6's Pack

Mani Glide Finder Hand File - 6's Pack

Mani Glide Finder Hand File - 6's Pack


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  • - Very good buckling resistance at the tip. 
  • - Very good flexibility at the shaft.
  • - High cutting ability to penetrate and create glide path easily.
  • - Very unique design.
  • - Safe, smooth & simple

- Mani Glide Finder Hand File - 6's Pack

  • - This product is  designed for patency and creating the initial glide path.
  • - Glide Finders have a very unique design. multi tapered and variable cross sectional shape:
    - File Tip to 3.5mm: 3% Taper with a K square cross sectional shape
    - 3.5mm to Shaft: 2% Taper with a rectangle cross sectional shape similar to the MANI RT Files
  • - This design provides the file excellent resistance at the tip part and excellent flexibility along the shaft of the file. 
  • - Clinically, Glide Finders are designed to allow for more efficient penetration of calcification while following the root canal without transportation.
  • - Compared to other stiff files designed for calcified canals and path finding, Glide Finders have higher resistance to buckling, flexibility and cutting efficiency.
  • - Available in 6pcs/package.


  • Tip Size: #8, 10, 12, 15
  • Length: 21mm & 25mm


- Tip~ 3.5mm: 3%

- 3.5mm ~Shaft: 2%


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