Mani D-Finder Files - 6's Pack

Mani D-Finder Files - 6's Pack

Mani D-Finder Files - 6's Pack


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  • - These files have a D-Shaped Cross Section, thereby increasing their strength & resilience
  • - Unprecedented blade strength
  • - Smooth Insertion
  • - Efficient canal preparation
  • - D-Finders resist but penetrate easily in the canal as compared to K-Files
  • - Increased resilience, improves the penetration force, making the files effective for a root canal narrowed by calcification
  • - Cutting flutes are shaped in to prevent cutting in (screwing effect)


- Mani D-Finder Files - 6's Pack

  • - Best for calcified root canals
  • - The D-shaped cross section of the D Finders increase blade strength, and prevent excessive filing and binding in calcified or curved root canals.
  • - Pre-curve the tip of the blade before use as a first step in the root canal negotiation. 
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