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Mani Cem - Root Cem Viscous Dental Cements - 8g

Mani Cem - Root Cem Viscous Dental Cements - 8g


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  • - One material for three different procedures – Fixation of Indirect restorations, Fixation of Root pins & Building up a Stump
  • - High filler content and high viscosity.
  • - Auto-mix cartridge for comfortable handling in direct and ergonomic application.
  • - Does not contain Bis-GMA
  • - Optimal “interface” between pin-cement-dentin-crown.
  • - Highly abrasion resistant.
  • - Long-lasting restorations and extremely low shrinkage.
  • - Excellent Working time and accelerated Light polymerization.

- Mani Cem - Root Cem Viscous

Mani Cem is a dual-curing, radio-opaque, fluorescent, and highly abrasion-resistant flowable luting material for the cementation of root pins, inlays, Onlays, veneers, for both ceramic and composite crowns and bridges & for core build-up.


  • - Adhesive fixation of indirect restorations such as veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges
  • - The material is suited to fixing restorations made from glass ceramics, zirconium dioxide, composite, zirconia-reinforced composite, high-precious metal, non-precious metal, titanium
  • - Adhesive fixation of root pins
  • - Building up stumps (as core build-up material)


  • - 1 x 8gm cartridge
  • - 8 Mixing Tips
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