Kulzer (66067179) Charisma Topaz Syringe Basic Kit + GLUMA Bond Universal

Kulzer (66067179) Charisma Topaz Syringe Basic Kit + GLUMA Bond Universal

Kulzer (66067179) Charisma Topaz Syringe Basic Kit + GLUMA Bond Universal


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  • - Easy handling meets innovative formula for aesthetic versatility
  • - Superior physical properties
  • - Versatile layering

- Kulzer (66067179) Charisma Topaz Syringe Basic Kit + GLUMA Bond Universal

  • Charisma Topaz: Innovative chemistry for day-to-day natural restorations.

Easy handling meets innovative formulas for aesthetic versatility:

  • Charisma Topaz is a light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid composite that features our unique TCD matrix. This innovative formula combined with the approved easy Charisma handling works as the foundation for down-to-earth restorations of natural beauty.

Savour the effortlessness of easy handling:

  •  The soft, yet low-sticky consistency of Charisma Topaz improves efficiency during
    modelling thanks to its increased stability.
  • The extended working time even under operating and ambient light allows for easy,
    stress-free modelling in any indication.
  • Our filler system with nanoparticles facilitates polishing and ensures a high,
    long-lasting gloss and high patient satisfaction.

Benefit from superior physical properties:

  • Its unique TCD matrix combines high strength with minimal shrinkage, both are essential material properties which can minimise the risk of fractures and secondary caries.
  • Its good radiopacity enables a safe and reliable diagnosis.
  • Charisma Topaz is compatible with all conventional bonding materials and techniques.

Advantages of versatility in layering:

  • Use simple ONE Shade layering in less complex cases to reduce efforts to a
    minimum. Charisma Topaz ONE Shade blends seamlessly into the surrounding
    dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling restorations to simply disappear.
  • The multi-shade layering possibilities allow the natural layering also of complex cases.
    Choose from three levels of opacity plus bleach shades.
  • With Charisma Topaz, healthy margins are virtually undetectable due to the excellent
    shade match.


  • 1 x 4 g syringe each of the shades A2; A3; A3.5; B2; CL; OM
  • 1 x 4 ml bottle of GLUMA Bond Universal(FREE)
  • 1 x 2.5 ml syringe of GLUMA Etch 35 Gel
  • Layering Guide, Pictorial Cards
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