Desco (Stas 701) Head Immobilizer

Desco (STAS 701) Head Immobilizer

Desco (STAS 701) Head Immobilizer


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  • This Head Immobilizer is a new-generation product
  • It is made from 3 pcs separate part, lightweight, easy to carry and use, made of NBR Rubber Foam
  • It can be used in the winter and summer, afford the impact of temperature difference

Desco (Stas 701) Head Immobilizer


  • There are two holes which are used to observe the bleeding or drainage on both sides of the head, hole size is 6.5 cm in diameter
  • The material of the product does not contain metal
  • The patient can take product during the examination of X-Ray, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Made of NBR Rubber Foam



Size 15.5cmx43.25cmx26 cm
Material Soft Plastic
Model STAS 701
Color Red
Features It has a multi-axis block system that can accommodate all head shapes and injury positions.
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