GC Gold Label-1 Luting & Lining Cement

GC Gold Label-1 Luting & Lining Cement

GC Gold Label-1 Luting & Lining Cement


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GC Gold Label
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Intrinsic chemical adhesion to both tooth structure and metal
Glass Ionomer formulation
Fluoride release
High mechanical strength
Excellent wetting properties
Film thickness of just 15 microns
Sharp set characteristics
Long term clinical data

Radiopaque Self Cure Glass Ionomer Luting & Lining Cement

A Strontium-based Glass Ionomer:

  • All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer contains strontium glass.
  • The strontium glass provides good radiopacity and snaps set characteristics, unanimously preferred by clinicians around the world.
  • Strontium mimics calcium in the formation of strontium hydroxyapatite and strontium fluoroapatite to affect internal remineralization within the tooth structure.

Surface Strengthening Effect:

  • Research has shown that a strontium-based glass ionomer placed in a calcium-containing environment (saliva) results in calcium ions diffusing into the glass ionomer surface achieving a surface-strengthening effect.
  • All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer strengthens over time in saliva.

A Consistent Predictable Seal:

  • All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomers will display a glossy surface after mixing.
  • This indicates sufficient free polyacrylic acid is available to begin the ion exchange process. 
  • The subsequent movement of ions between dentin, enamel, and GC Glass Ionomer creates an ion exchange zone that chemically fuses them together.
  • The resulting seal is consistent, predictable, and long-lasting.



  • 1x1 Powder (15g)
  • 1x1 Liquid ( 10g/ 8ml)


  • 1x1 Powder (35g)
  • 1x1 Liquid ( 25g/ 20ml)


  • Light yellow
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