GC everX Flow Syringe 3.7g (Shades: Bulk Shade / Dentin Shade)

GC everX Flow Flowable Composite Syringe - 3.7g

GC everX Flow Flowable Composite Syringe - 3.7g


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  • - Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement
  • - Controlled flow and No slumping
  • - Indicated for direct restorations & for core build-up including post and core.
  • - Incredible strength with high fracture toughness. (288MPa/m0.5)
  • - Available in two shades: Translucent shade & Dentin shade 
  • - Composite Syringe - (2.0ml) 3.7g

- GC everX Flow - Fibre Reinforced Flowable Composite Syringe - 3.7g

  • - Discover everX Flow, a short-fiber reinforced flowable composite designed to replace dentine and reinforce restorations.
  • - Following the same principle as the iron rebar in construction, the glass fibers in everX Flow strengthen restorations and prevent them from cracking.
  • - With its easy application, its two shades, and its incredible strength, everX Flow is about to become your new go-to product for all your restorations in need of a strong core, as well as core build-up preparations.


  • Optimal to strengthen large restorations thanks to the reinforcing effect of fibers.
  • Excellent fracture toughness reduces the risk of catastrophic failures
  • Perfect thixotropy for easy placement & adaptation
  • No slumping even in the upper molars
  • Quick procedure when using the Bulk shade (with a layer thickness of up to 5,5mm)
  • Excellent aesthetic results with the Dentin shade (in layers of 2mm)
  • Indicated both dentin replacement and core build-up preparations

Available in Two shades:

  1. Bulk shade: Optimal for deep posterior cavities Depth of cure: 5.5mm
  2. Dentin shade: Optimal for more aesthetic results and for core build-up Depth of cure: 2.0mm


  • - Dentin replacement material for all direct composite restorations including large posterior cavities, deep cavities, and endo-treated teeth, cavities with missing cusps or after amalgam removal, and cavities where inlays and onlays would also be recommended
  • - Core build-up


- Single unit of GC everX Flow Syringe 3.7g(2.0ml)- Shades: Bulk Shade / Dentin Shade

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