Dyna Scar Treat

Dyna Scar Treat

Dyna Scar Treat


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Scar Treat

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  • Hydration-  silicone gel sheet keeps the scar area moist continuously.
  • It increases the oxygen supply to the infected area.
  • Increases the degree of occlusion.
  • Modulation of basic fibroblastic growth factors (BFGF)
  • Protection of the site from microorganisms and chemicals.
  • Static electric field creation due to friction

Adhesive Gel Sheets for Scar Care

  • Scar Treat silicone sheets neutralize the scar’s color and flatten raised scars.
  • A silicone sheet is soft and pliable and adjusts to body contours. They are easy to use.
  • Silicone is hypoallergenic and there have been no reported side effects.
  • When recovering from surgical procedures, burns, and obtrusive scars, etc. silicone gel sheets are the most effective, proven method for scar management.
  • Works effectively on recent scars but also on older scars.
  • Can be cut to fit the scar size.
  • Silicone is bio-compactible and skin-friendly and will not cause allergy.
  • Silicone does not promote the growth of any microorganisms at the use site, unlike other substrates.
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