Dyna Finger Cot- 3's Pack

Dyna Finger Cot- 3's Pack

Dyna Finger Cot- 3's Pack


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  • Plastic-coated malleable aluminium that keeps the interphalangeal joint in the required position
  • Polyfoam padding for comfort

Finger Cot, Dyna, Dynamic, Orthopaedic. Uni

  • Dyna Finger Cot will be an ideal product for the immobilization and straightening of fractured joints, when it happens to the DIP joint or when nails bend.
  • It helps in preventing the bones from moving unnaturally or out of place and maintains proper alignment of the fractured finger.
  • This Product can be used for collateral ligament injury of the distal interphalangeal joint, fractures of the interphalangeal, and also for protection from nail bed injuries of the fingers.
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