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Dyna Elasticated Tubular Bandage (Tubifix)-5m

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Ideal bandage for difficult to dress joints
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  • 1. Tubifix has been specially knitted 100% cotton in tubular form
  • 2. Elasticated rubber threads are inlaid thereby ensuring an even and consistent pressure to the treatment area
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dynamic Techno Medicals
Brand Tubifix
Unit of Measure Each
Material Cotton
Features Ideal bandage for difficult to dress joints
1. Provide even and consistent pressure
2. Prevents slipping down in joints
3. Allows full freedom of movement
4. Saves nursing time
Shelf Life 5 yrs from Mfg. Date
Usage/Application 1.Orthopaedic condition to reinforce the muscles to regain normalcy; 2.Plastic surgery conditions to retain the dressing with adequate compression; 3.Gynaecology conditions to prevent accumulation of fluid
Package Dimension (LxBxH in cms) 13.5x13.5x12.5

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