Dispovan Insulin Syringes U-40 - 100's Box

Dispovan Insulin Syringes U-40 - 100's Box

Dispovan Insulin Syringes U-40 - 100's Box


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  • Manufactured as per ISO:8537
  • Siliconized, ultra-fine needle for minimal pain
  • Thoroughly inspected by Automated Vision Inspection Camera
  • Minimal dead space to prevent wastage and ensure accurate dosage
  • Color-coded according to ISO standards

Dispovan Insulin Syringes - 100's Box

  • HMD’s one-time use syringes - DispoVan are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials on a fully automated assembly line, including printing and packaging
  • The Dispovan insulin syringes are low dead space to ensure accurate dosage and make sure there is no wastage of medicines.
  • Moreover, the entire manufacturing process is compliant with all quality standards.
  • The convenient, easy to handle and patient friendly single-use syringes also reduce the chances of spreading blood borne infections and deadly diseases.
  • Siliconised fine needle for comfortable insertion
  • Negligible dead space saves medication with no wastage (<0.01 ml).

DispoVan Single-Use Insulin Syringes are available in both:

  • Luer Lock: Luer lock is a leak-free mechanism that connects the needle to the syringe. With Luer locks, the needle is tightly fastened to the syringe, thereby preventing accidental detachment during injection and ensuring minimal wastage of fluids.
  • Luer Slip: Like Luer locks, a Luer slip also creates a leak-free mechanism. However, instead of the needle being fastened to the syringe, it simply slips onto it. To connect the needle to the syringe, you just need to push and twist the syringe onto the needle hub.

COLOR : Red with 40 units

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