Dentsply Sirona Dycal Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition

Dentsply Sirona (623401Y) Dycal Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition - Ivory Shade

Dentsply Sirona (623401Y) Dycal Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition - Ivory Shade


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Dentsply Sirona

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  • Radiopaque
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Lower solubility
  • Quick set time and excellent handling characteristics

Dentsply Sirona (623401Y) Dycal Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition - Ivory Shade


  • Dentsply Dycal is a rigid, self-setting material useful in pulp-capping
  • It will not inhibit the polymerization of acrylic and composite restorations
  • Provides the potential for improved esthetics, as well as clinically proven performance.
  • Dycal offers improved physical properties with higher compressive strength 


  • Mixing time: 10 seconds
  • Working time: 2 minutes 20 seconds
  • Setting time: 2½ to 3½ minutes
  • Mixing Ratio: Base: Catalyst 1.17g: 1.0g


  • Preparation: Begin by ensuring that the tooth requiring treatment is clean and isolated from moisture.
  • Mixing: Dentsply Dycal is supplied as a powder and liquid, which need to be mixed together prior to application. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the specific ratios and mixing technique. Typically, a small amount of the powder is dispensed onto a mixing pad or glass slab, and the appropriate amount of liquid is added gradually while mixing to achieve a smooth, creamy consistency. Use a spatula to mix the materials.
  • Application: Once the Dycal mixture is ready, it can be applied to the prepared tooth. This is often done using a suitable dental instrument like a spatula or a suitable applicator tip, as recommended by the manufacturer. Carefully place the material onto the desired area, ensuring proper coverage.
  • Setting: Dentsply Dycal is a self-setting material that hardens over time. The setting time can vary, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the specific product you are using. It's essential to allow enough time for the material to be set completely before proceeding with further dental procedures.
  • Additional steps: Depending on the dental procedure being performed, additional steps may follow the application of Dentsply Dycal. This could involve placing a liner or base material over the Dycal layer, followed by restoration with a filling material or crown.


  • 1 x 13g Tube Base Paste
  • 1 x 11g Tube Catalyst Paste
  • 1 x Mix Pad
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