Curved Scissor Metzenbaum - 05mm/30cm

Curved Scissor Metzenbaum - 05mm/30cm


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Om Surgicals
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FHP Dia: 05mm
Working Lenght: 300mm (30cm)
Detachable mechanism
Insulated shaft 360-degree rotating knob
HF unipolar pin integrated
Cost-effective & reusable
Easy to dismantle for cleaning and easy to assemble
High quality ergonomically designed PPSU handle
This instrument comes with plain (without ratchet) handle

Curved Scissor Metzenbaum - FHP Dia 05mm and Length 30cm

- Double action scissor has fine curved jaws with a sharp cutting edge for smooth and precise cutting of tissue.

- Made of the finest medical grade stainless steel for durability.

- Surgical grade material being used to provide the highest level of craftsmanship.

- Each complete set includes a handle, either with a lock or without a lock, insulated shaft and inner insert.

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