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Clonmed Disposable Slim Body Skin Stapler 35W - 10's Pack

Clonmed Disposable Slim Body Skin Stapler 35W - 10's Pack


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  • It is a single-use skin stapler
  • Facilitates wound healing
  • Lightweight and accurate
  • The staple remover has an ergonomic handle design
  • It provides comfort and ease of use when removing staples
  • It enhances the staple count visibility and cosmesis
  • The staples first penetrate the skin and are then formed, holding the tissue together

Disposable sterile products are affordable and help to prevent the spread of numerous contagious diseases.

  • The Skin Stapler is a single use skin stapler dispenses one staple each time the instrument trigger is activated. It has an easy-squeeze handle and uses stainless steel staples.
  • This wound stapler is lightweight and has the ability to accurately place staples to close wounds.It has an ejector spring that automatically disengages the staple to facilitate instrument removal in any direction.The Skin Stapler is designed to be fired from multiple angles.
  • It is a great alternative to curity skin closure strips, adhesive tape, suturing, or glue. It is simple to use and comes with a flat, dimpled staple top span that ensures proper staple formation.

Packaging includes a box containing 10 units of Clonmed Disposable Slim Body Skin Stapler - 35W 

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