Buzil Rossari (Sanitary Cleaner)- Bucal (G468)-5L

Buzil Rossari (Sanitary Cleaner)- Bucal (G468)-5L


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Buzil Rossari
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Lasting fragrance
With patented Neofresh technology
Beading effect to dry streak-free without final drying
Regular application prevents lime build-up
Recommended Dilution: 5/10ml per 1 litre of water

Professional Acid-Free Daily Routine All-Purpose Cleaner for Sanitary (G 468)

- For extreme dirt

- Dissolves stubborn encrustations of limescale, urinal deposits, rust, and scale

- Penetrates and removes stubborn soiling

- High viscosity ensures good adhesion to toilet bowls and urinals


- Contains 5L Buzil Rossari (Sanitary Cleaner)- Bucal (G468)

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