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Buzil Rossari- Ross Aseptic Liquid-5L

Buzil Rossari- Ross Aseptic Liquid-5L


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Kills 99.99% microbes
Works best against any epidemics due to bacterial envelop or non-enveloping viruses
Eco friendly as it contains emollients and moisturizes hands on each use
Date of Mfg: 09/2020

Ross Aseptic- Professional Instant Hand Sanitizer-5L (Liquid) from Buzil Rossari.

- Ross Aseptic is a 70% ethanol based hand disinfection sanitizer with emollients and moisturizers.

- Rapid action against most bacteria and enveloped viruses.

- Buzil Rossari is a German brand with production in India with all necessary certifications.

- Safe to use!


- Contains 5L Buzil Rossari- Ross Aseptic Liquid

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