Bedfont Gastrolyzer

Bedfont Gastrolyzer

Bedfont Gastrolyzer


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Full-colour touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface
Breath testing by a mouthpiece or by facemask for infant/elderly patients who struggle to hold their breath
Built-in testing protocols with built-in countdown timer
An ergonomic design, fully portable and incorporated with SteriTouch® technology for optimum infection control
Create and store up to 10 patient profiles to view a graph of their results
Test all 10 patients at one time even with different protocols

Portable Breath Hydrogen Monitor

  • The Gastrolyzer is a hand-held and portable hydrogen monitor, for quick and easy breath analysis.
  • Portable breath hydrogen monitoring help to diagnose gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Easy to use, complete breath hydrogen monitor with 2 sampling modes, face mask sampling, and mouthpiece sampling system.
  • Concentration range: 0-500ppm
  • Display: Full-colour touchscreen
  • Detection principle: Electrochemical sensor
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