Angelus Reforpost Parallel Glass Fiber Post - 15's Pack

Angelus Reforpost Parallel Glass Fiber Post - 15's Pack

Angelus Reforpost Parallel Glass Fiber Post - 15's Pack


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  • Parallel shape with grooves
  • Metal filament
  • Longitudinal fibers
  • For use with Peeso drills
  • High concentration of fibers
  • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin's
  • Conical tip
  • Direct use (prefabricated)

Glass fiber parallel intraarticular post with a conical tip

Angelus Reforpost Fibre Glass X-ray Refill comes with metal filament, allowing radiographic visualization. The fiber post has excellent mechanical properties and a lower risk of root fracture. It saves clinical time and decreases lab costs and also less tissue removal in the apical third of the root canal.

  • Glass fiber parallel intraradicular post with conical tip.
  • Support of restorations and prosthetic.


  • Great retention
  • Allows radiographic visualization
  • Easy removal
  • Easy to adapt
  • Great mechanical properties
  • Lower risk of root fracture
  • less tissue removal in apical third of root canal
  • Saves clinical time and decreases lab costs


  • The parallel-sided shape of Reforpost favors its mechanical interlocking with the root canal walls.
  • Its conical tip allows less tooth reparation at the apical third, saving dentin in this area.
  • The undercuts in the serrated posts increase the retention of the post with the cement.


  • Post preparation: clean with alcohol, apply silane (Silano – Angelus) for 1 minute, apply the adhesive.
  • Root canal: acid-etch (37% phosphoric acid for 30 seconds), wash with water, dry with absorbent paper points, apply the primer, apply the adhesive, place Reforpost with resin cement (Cement Post – Angelus).


A single pack contains 15 units of Angelus Reforpost Parallel Glass Fiber Posts.

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