Air Pro 3DD N99 Face Mask (FFP3) - Pack of 5

Air Pro 3DD N99 Face Mask (FFP3) - Pack of 5

Air Pro 3DD N99 Face Mask (FFP3) - Pack of 5


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1st Layer - Nanotechnology coating
2nd Layer - Nanotechnology coating
Ear bead for adjusting the tightness on the ear lobe
The ear loop prevents it from falling down. Just let it hang around on your neck and use it as and when needed
Certified 99.7% filtration efficiency (FFP3)
Filters viruses, bacteria & air pollutants
Hand washable up to many times
Lasts up to 60 days

Air Pro 3DD N99| FFP3 Protective Mask

  • The Air Pro 3DD is an Innovative N99 mask that uses Nano-technology coatings Silver & conductive copper and 25 GSM 7 layer 3 Ply Construction.
  • Tested by various agencies like RBS UK,SITRA & BIOTECHTS has a BFE OF 99.75% as tested per
  • Also tested at NFSU, Gujarat has proven to filter 99 percent of 60nm – 100nm Coronaviruses and its family.
  • Using scalable technology of Nanocoatings like nanosilver and conductive copper layer, it can filter to kill 99% of covid-19 coronavirus in 30 minutes.
  • It is future-ready using scalable technology.
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