Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask Pack of 25

Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask Pack of 25

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Romsons Comfit 3D Face Mask Pack of 25


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Disposable Protective Face Mask, Ideal For One-Time Use Only.
3-Dimensional Construction Fits All Face-Types Perfectly, Giving Enough Breathing Space To The Wearer.
4-Layer Protection With 2 Layers of Melt-Blown Filter Provides Effective Protection Against Bacteria Released In Droplets & Aerosols.
Soft & Breathable, Made From Latex-Free, Hypoallergenic Non-Woven Fabric.
Incredibly Soft Non-Woven Ear Loops. Can Be Comfortably Worn For Longer Time.
Comfortable Snug-Fit Experience With Complete Protection.

India's Most Comfortable, Disposable 3D Face Mask

  • Comfit features a non-woven ear loop design.
  • Crafted from Latex-Free, Hypoallergenic fabric, Comfit comes with a 4-Layer Protection including 2 Layers of Melt-Blown Filter.
  • It provides effective protection to the wearer from bacteria shed in droplets and aerosols, keeping the user comfortable for long hours.

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