Periodontal Plus AB (Tetracycline fibre) – Local Drug Delivery (LDD)

Periodontal Plus AB (Tetracycline fibre) – Local Drug Delivery (LDD)

Periodontal Plus AB (Tetracycline fibre) – Local Drug Delivery (LDD)


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The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas
Store bet. -18°C to 40°C or 0°F to 104°F
Periodontal Plus AB Shelf Life is 3 years
Available as 4 vials of 25 mg each

- Periodontal Plus AB (Tetracycline fibre) – Local Drug Delivery (LDD)

  • - PPAB is a collagen fibril-based formulation containing tetracycline hydrochloride (2 mg of Tetracycline) in 25 mg of collagen fibrils.
  • - It has a dual-mode of action, via the active agent, Tetracycline, and the vehicle, high purity, biocompatible Type-I collagen, which are used.
  • - This very unique feature of PPAB enables the active agent as well as the vehicle to be able to work positively towards the repair of the periodontal lesion.


  • - PPAB is one of the easiest local drug delivery agents that can be used in almost any kind of periodontal lesion.
  • - The material is dispensed in an easy-to-use bottle. The required amount can be placed in a dappen dish and then wet with a drop of distilled water.
  • - The required amount of material can then be picked up with a tweezer and placed near the pocket margins.
  • - Subsequently, the material can be easily inserted into the pocket with the help of any composite handling instrument or even with a blunt-ended periodontal probe.


  • - PPAB is available in a convenient box packaging that contains four vials of end-point sterilized material.
  • Each vial has sufficient PPAB to place in four to six lesions.
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