Osseomold (DMBM with Calcium Sulphate Hemi hydrates)

Osseomold (DMBM with Calcium Sulphate Hemi hydrates)

Osseomold (DMBM with Calcium Sulphate Hemi hydrates)


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Osteoinductive & osteoconductive
Totally resorbable
Easy to place
Inhibits non-osteogenic cells
Easy to handle & inexpensive for its quality

- Osseomold (DMBM with Calcium Sulphate Hemi hydrates)

  • - OSSEOMOLD (DMBM - XENOGRAFT along with Calcium Sulphate hemihydrate Moldable)
  • - High Purity Type-I collagen derived from bone is essential for tissue regeneration and remodeling in any osseous defect.
  • - Xenograft Material/DMBM is one such demineralized bone derived Type-I collagen for flap surgery, implants, sinus lift, ridge augmentation etc.

► OSSEOMOLD is contraindicated in infectious cancerous areas, unless it is addressed properly.
► OSSEOMOLD is contraindicated for highly sensitive patients for bone graft materials.
► OSSEOMOLD is contraindicated in clinical situations where any bone filling surgery should not be performed due to other pathological conditions.


- Osseomold should be kept in a clean, dry location. It can be stored at ambient room temperature and it is risk-free between -18°C to 40°C or 0°F to 104°F.

- Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide.

 - OSSEOMOLD would have a minimum of 3 years shelf-life.


Catalogue Number Product Size - gms Packaging design 
4002.B-1 Each vial contains 0.25g (Total 0.5 g in 2 vials) 2 Vials/ Box


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