Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

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  1. Romsons Corrugated Drainage Sheet - 10's Pack
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  2. ZSR Disposable Circumcision Anastomat
    BRAND: ZSR Circumcision
    MRP: ₹18,000.00
  3. Covidien V-loc (VLCOCN0327) PBT Non-Absorbable Wou...
    BRAND: Covidien
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Buy Surgical instruments online at Kogland

Surgical equipment that is functional, clean, sterile when used, and available in sufficient quantity at the right time are essential to modern surgery. If you are a medical professional, you will need a variety of surgical equipment which are available in various surgical supplies stores. When it comes to buying from the online surgical supplies store, you either go with the popular brand or you can also check the reviews of the product, especially if you intend to buy surgical instruments online.

We are a surgical supplies store dedicated to enhancing results for patients and caregivers. That’s why we layout surgical equipment focused on overall performance and safety. Through buying surgical instruments online, We’ve got you protected from EMS to the OR & ICU, to domestic care – because supporting you makes healthcare better.

Requirement of Drug License for purchasing surgical instruments online

According to Medical Devices(Amendment) Rules,2020, All medical devices in India are regulated as “Drugs”. Through this rule, all medical devices, including surgical equipment are brought under the fold of quality and safety regulation. The regulation will help ensure safe and tested surgical equipment, reach end users.

Types of Surgical instruments

With literally thousands of surgical instruments out there, it's no wonder that many people are aware of what they are and what they are used for. It becomes much easier when you recognize that these surgical instruments are classified based on their nature and their use in specific surgical procedures. By no means comprehensive or definitive, you can see how the categories overlap. But it does give us an idea of ​​the fascinating array of tools at the disposal of today's medical professionals.

  1. 1. Cutting, Incising, or Dissecting Instruments

    We are talking about different lengths of scalpels, knife handles, and blades. Like bone scissors, they can be very sturdy.

  2. 2. Grasping, Holding, and Clamping Instruments

    There are various types of grasping, holding, and clamping tools. It can be customized for specific parts of the anatomy, such as bone holders and intestinal forceps. In fact, there are different types of forceps, scissor-like tools used to hold things that are difficult to grasp with your fingers. Hemostats are important clamps that compress blood vessels to control blood flow. Hemostats also look like scissors, but instead of blades, they have a flat tip to grip the vessel and a locking mechanism to keep it pinched.

  3. 3. Retracting and Exposing Instruments

    Retractors basically hold organs, ribs, tissues, etc. open to allow access to the surgical site. Retractors can be self-retaining (meaning they can hold something open) or manual (meaning they must be held in place by hand).

  4. 4. Suturing or Stapling Instruments

    Surgeons use sutures or staplers to close wounds and reunite tissues after surgery. These include needle holders for suturing or suturing wounds, skin staplers, hemorrhoid staplers, circumcision staplers etc. Because surgical instruments like surgical stapling are much faster than suturing, staplers are often chosen by surgeons for the same purpose.

  5. 5. Suctioning and Aspirating Instruments

    These handy instruments include suction tips, saliva ejectors and tubes for removing fluids, much like the suction tubes at your dentist's office.

  6. 6. Dilating and Probing Instruments

    Probes & catheters can be used to enter natural openings such as bile ducts and for delivery of medicines at site. Some catheters are used for removing blocks and for extraction. They might expand the opening to provide access to narrow aisles. robes & Catheters are also used to look for foreign objects during surgery.

  7. 7. Measuring instruments

    Accurate measurements are important for many medical procedures, and surgery is no exception. There are different types of surgical instruments like bone compasses and vessel calipers. Your doctor may use a ruler to measure the size of the scar or a long, thin neurosurgical vernier caliper.

    In addition to the above categories, there are also many surgical instruments available for introducing or removing fluids from the body. These may include surgical instruments such as cannulas, catheters, needles, syringes, etc. Finally,many medical professionals prefer to classify surgical instruments as traumatic,meaning minimally invasive surgical instruments that cause little or no damage to tissue, or vice versa.

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