Kulzer Charisma Topaz Syringe Refill (1X4G)

Kulzer Charisma Topaz Syringe Refill (1X4G)

Kulzer Charisma Topaz Syringe Refill (1X4G)


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  • - Effortlessness of easy handling
  • - Efficient handling
  • - Long-lasting restorations
  • - Direct restoration of Class I–V cavities (according to G.V. Black)
  • - Direct composite veneers
  • - Shape corrections of teeth (i.e. diastemas, congenital defects in teeth, etc.)
  • - Splinting of teeth loosened by trauma or periodontal disease
  • - Indirect restorations (inlays, veneers)
  • - Restoration of primary teeth
  • - Core build-up
  • - Repairs of porcelain, composite (in combination with an adequate repair system)

- Kulzer Charisma Topaz Syringe Refill (1X4G) 

  • Charisma Topaz is a light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid composite based on
    the patented TCD-matrix.
  • - It entails the unique combination of high flexural strength and low shrinkage stress the TCD-composites are known for – physical properties that have been tested and well-documented in clinical studies. 


  • Always grab the right shade:
    With the incredible shade-matching properties of ONE shade, the restoration becomes invisible by blending into any surrounding dentition.
  • Efficient handling:
    Both make the modeling easy due to their non-slump consistency and minimal stickiness.
  • Long-lasting restorations:
    The Kulzer composite experience minimizes fracture and chipping thanks to the unique TCD matrix with long-term clinical experience to prove it.

Composition of Charisma Topaz:

Classification Nano-Hybrid
Filler content 59%
Filler size 5nm – 5 µm
Filler Barium Aluminium
Fluoride glass,
fillers, highly

Physical Properties:

- Depths of cure [mm], ISO 4049,20s LED LCU : 2.4

- Flexural strength [MPa], ISO 4049 : 145

- Shrinkage [Vol%], Watts-method : 1.9

- Shrinkage stress [MPa], photoelastic test : 4.2

- Sensitivity to ambient light [s] : 120

- Abrasion depths [µm], ACTA method, 300,000 cycles : 20.5

- Abrasion volume [µm³] ACTA method, 300,000 cycles : 0.17 

- Radiopacity [%-Aluminum equivalent] : 214

Application of Charisma Topaz:

  • - The cavity/tooth needs to be prepared according to the common rules of adhesive
    dentistry. Absolute or relative moisture control needs to be performed.
  • - Prior to the application of Charisma Topaz an appropriate adhesive system needs to
    be used according to its instruction for use.
  • - The opaque dentine shades have to be applied to a max. the layer thickness of 1 mm and need to be light-cured for 40 sec.
  • - The following universal shade can be applied in layers up to 2mm. Each layer needs to be cured according to the recommendations in the instructions for use for each shade.
  • - Afterwards, the restoration needs to be finished using diamond or tungsten carbide finishing burs prior to polishing.


  • - Charisma Topaz Syringe Refill (1x4G)
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