Kulzer (66087172) Charisma Topaz One Kit

Kulzer (66087172) Charisma Topaz One Kit

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Kulzer (66087172) Charisma Topaz One Kit


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  • One shade for all, thanks to the amazing adaptive light-matching technology.
  • Effortlessness of easy handling
  • Efficient handling
  • Long-lasting restorations

- Kulzer (66087172) Charisma Topaz One Kit

  • - Charisma Topaz ONE Shade comes with the unique TCD matrix from Kulzer and an optimised nano-hybrid filler system.
  • - It entails the unique combination of high flexural
    strength and low shrinkage stress the TCD-composites are known for – physical properties that have been tested and well-documented in clinical studies. 


  • Always grab the right shade:
    With the incredible shade-matching properties of ONE shade the restoration becomes invisible by blending into any surrounding dentition.
  • Efficient handling:
    Both make the modelling easy due to their non-slump consistency and minimal stickiness.
  • Long-lasting restorations:
    The Kulzer composite experience minimizes fracture and chipping thanks to the unique TCD matrix with long-term clinical experience to prove it.

The Charisma Topaz highlights for easy handling:

  •  Soft, non-slump consistency and minimal stickiness for efficient modelling
  •  Extended working time
  •  Excellent polish thanks to ultrafine nano filler particles
  •  Approved to combine with GLUMA Bond Universal – the reliable and highly effective universal bonding solution from Kulze


  • - Charisma Topaz ONE Kit: 2 x 4 g Syringes of Charisma Topaz in shade ONE and  1 x 4ml bottle of GLUMA Bond Universal
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