Kulzer (66045042) Variotime Bite Cartridge 50ml - 2's Pack

Kulzer (66045042) Variotime Bite Cartridge 50ml - 2's Pack

Kulzer (66045042) Variotime Bite Cartridge 50ml - 2's Pack


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  • Extra hard
  • Extremely fast
  • Superb scannability
  • Distinct thixotropy
  • Whipped cream-like consistency
  • Easy to trim & grind

Kulzer (66045042) Variotime Bite Cartridge 50ml - 2's Pack

Variotime Bite is a scannable VPS bite registration material that features easy, efficient and safe processing. It is one material, but it has multifunctional applications.


  • Extra hard: Very high final hardness of Shore D 40 prevents undesirable shifts when you adjust the position of the casts in the articulator.
  • Extremely fast: Offers a working time of 30 seconds and a fast intraoral setting time of 30 seconds.
  • Superb scannability: Permits powder-free 3D data recording of the antagonists for CAD/CAM technology.
  • Distinct thixotropy: Avoids flowing off from the occlusal surface into the interdental spaces and enable easy removal from the mouth. This enables you to precisely capture the occlusal surface while saving material.
  • Whipped cream-like consistency: Assures a resistance-free bite without distortion. That makes bite registration stress-free for you – and your patients.
  • Easy to trim & grind: Convenient processing with minimum risk of fracture.


  • Standard bite registration in the end-bite position
  • Coating of bite forks
  • Key material for needlepoint registration
  • Production of small model segments
  • Powder-free optical 3D data recording of antagonists for CAD/CAM technology


Pack contains 2 units of 50mL Variotime Bite Cartridge

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