Kulzer (66004969) Memosil 2 - 50 mL

Kulzer (66004969) Memosil 2 - 50 mL

Kulzer (66004969) Memosil 2 - 50 mL


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  • - More hygiene
  • - Time saving
  • - Treatment comfort
  • - Automix
  • - Optical control

- Kulzer (66004969) Memosil 2 (2 x 50 ml cartridges)

  • - Transparent A-silicone for special indications. Its transparency allows optical control when positioning aids (e.g. X-ray measuring sphere).
  • - Light-curing is possible for filling and fixative materials through placeholders with Memosil 2.
  • - It is best used for the occlusal stamp for light-curing posterior composite, for anterior stamp for provisionals, fillings and veneers, as fixation material for X-ray measuring sphere when planning implants or as a transfer matrix for bracket constructions on the plaster model.

With Memosil 2 you and your dental technician benefit from:

  • - Optical control: Memosil 2’s transparency facilitates the positioning of utilities and allows light-curing of composites and fillings through the
  • - More hygiene: Due to its direct and sterile application, processing of Memosil 2 is clean and hygienic
  • Time saving: MEMOSIL 2 can be applied directly into the patient's mouth.
  • - Treatment comfort: Thanks to its short time in mouth and the neutral taste and odour, patients are more at ease.
  • - Automix: The automix cartridge system saves you time and reduces the risk of registration errors.

Characteristics of Silicone:

  • - Prevents the formation of inhibition layer in composites.
  • - It is clean and hygienic: Due to its direct application from the cartridge, it can also be disinfected.
  • - More comfortable patients: For its short time in the mouth and its neutral taste and smell.
  • - Fixation of radiographic spheres for implant planning.
  • - It has a high final hardness and can be removed from the mouth without risk of tearing.
  • - Its self-mixing system saves you time and reduces the risk of failure.
  • - New Automix 1:1 system.
  • - Working time: 30 seconds.
  • - Intraoral setting time: 3 minutes.
  • - Contains: 2 x 50 ml refill cartridges + 12 green mixing tips.

Indications for Use of Silicone:

  • - As a key for anteriors, posteriors, temporaries and veneers.
  • - In the fixation of radiopaque fiducials for taking X-rays in cases of implants.
  • - As a matrix for transferring orthodontic appliances from the model to the mouth, facilitating "e.g." the placement of posterior brackets.
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