Kulzer (66003764) GLUMA Desensitizer - 5ml

Kulzer (66003764) GLUMA Desensitizer - 5ml

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Kulzer (66003764) GLUMA Desensitizer - 5ml


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  • More gain, less pain
  • Easily applied – widely applicable
  • More precise, more economical – with drop control

Kulzer (66003764) GLUMA Desensitizer - 5ml

  • One of the most impairing effects on your patients’ daily well-being is hypersensitivity. Sweet or sour dishes, hot or cold morsels – the acute pain is unpleasant and rather blocked out.
  • For more than 20 years, one drop of GLUMA Desensitizer has been all you need to stop and prevent hypersensitivity. The result is fast and effective, without mixing, curing or repetitive steps. And your patients feel prompt relief.


  • GLUMA Desensitizer can be used under every restoration – direct and indirect – to ensure your patients the comfort they deserve.
  • One-step placement: No agitation or light curing is required making it easy to use and saving time.
  • Universally compatible: GLUMA Desensitizer can be used with all bonding and restorative materials, in any situation.
  • Economical: One drop, multiple applications


  • To reduce or even eliminate pain in exposed cervical areas not requiring restoration.
  • To alleviate or prevent dentinal sensitivity after preparation of teeth to receive indirect or direct restorations.

How it works:

  • GLUMA Desensitizer achieves its effects by precipitation of plasma proteins, which reduces dentinal permeability and occludes the peripheral dentinal tubules.
  • This inhibits the flow of fluid through the tubules which is the cause of sensitivity.
  • In addition, GLUMA Desensitizer provides a seal that acts as a microbial barrier.


  • GLUMA Desensitizer 1 x 5 ml Bottle
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