(KRAFT-500A) ABS Emergency Trolley

(KRAFT-500A) ABS Emergency Trolley

(KRAFT-500A) ABS Emergency Trolley


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ABS Top Board
Defibrillator Shelf
Sliding Side Shelf
Label Cards for Drawers
Scratch - Proof
Aluminium Column
1 Big Drawer
Centralized Lock
Two Small Drawers
Two Middle Drawers
Two Dust Baskets
Needle Disposal Holder
Luxurious Noiseless Casters (with two Brakes)

Emergency Trolley

  • Size: 750 mm x 475 mm x 930 mm
  • ABS plastic top board with raised-edge design
  • Size: 750 mm x 475 mm x 930 mm
  • Defibrillator shelf, Sliding side shelf, Utility container
  • IV pole, Needle disposal holder, two Dust baskets
  • CPR board, power outlet & amp; hooks, Oxygen tank holder
  • 2 small drawers, 2 middle drawers,1 big drawer (each inner with dividers can be organized easily and freely), label cards for drawers
  • Four Luxurious noiseless casters (two with brakes)
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