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Kangdi Circular Haemorrhoidal Stapler 4.2mm (33.5mm Dia)- Disposable

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Disposable Circular Haemorrhoid Staplers
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  • The KYGZB 33.5 haemorrhoidal stapler uses titanium staples in a circular staggered arrangement of two concentric rings inside the staple cartridge.
  • A circular blade transects tissue, while simultaneously “firing” the staples and creates a circular anastomosis.
  • This device is suitable for prolapse & PPH procedure.
  • Is a disposable tubular haemorrhoids stapler
  • Provides 2-row staggered circular titanium nails
  • Once the suturing is completed, the circular blade inside the apparatus cuts off the excessive tissues to form a circular anastomotic stoma
  • The integrated high-rigidity guiding shaft provides better stability
  • It features 4 bars with threads through the port which makes it easy to operate
  • The stapler is available in the staple size of 4.2 mm
  • Also available in 32mm dia and for this requirement, please do get in touch with us for pricing and availability.
  • Made by Covidien (Medtronic)
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU Kog_Cov_KYGZB-33.5
Manufacturer Medtronics
Country of Manufacture China
Brand Kangdi
Unit of Measure Box
Features - Integrated trocar; added stability
- Adjustable closure
- Up to four suture holes for convenient purse string placement
- Customizable staple height configuration: allows user to control the amount of compression applied to tissue
- Multiple packaging configurations containing different anoscope kits
Shelf Life 3 years
Usage/Application Wide range of surgical procedures but mainly for stapled haemorrhoidectomy
Package Dimension (LxBxH in cms) 18x9.5x2
HSN Code text 9018

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