Dyna Wet Wipes (32x32cm) - 10's Pack

Dyna Wet Wipes (32x32cm) - 10's Pack

Dyna Wet Wipes (32x32cm) - 10's Pack


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  • - Ideal for bedridden patients with incontinence
  • - Perfect for wiping the skin when changing a diaper
  • - Contain no alcohol that reduces the risk of skin irritation
  • - Contains Aloe-vera extract that keeps the wipes soft against the skin and moisturizes the skin gently
  • - The anti-microbial property of the wipes keeps the skin free of infections
    Refreshing fragrance
  • - 10 pulls per pack

Dyna Wet Wipes (32x32cm) - 10's Pack

  • - Skin of bedridden persons with incontinence become quite sensitive and delicate over time.
  • - Caregivers will find it difficult to cleanup the skin using regular toilet paper or cloth.
  • - Besides being harsh on the skin, regular toilet paper or cloth, might not get the job done.


  • - Dyna Wet Wipes will simplify and speed up the cleanup process.
  • - Dyna Wet Wipes are gentler on the skin and are more effective than the regular toilet papers or cloth.
  • - They not only cleanse the skin thoroughly but also keeps the skin infection-free.
  • - Dyna Wet Wipes also comes in handy resealable packages for cleanup anywhere, anytime.
  • - Dyna Wet Wipes is a must-have for daily hygiene of bedridden patients.
  • - Dyna Disposable Wet Wipes will help with cleanup and make sure the skin is completely clean after each adult diaper change.


  • 10 pulls of wet wipes per pack
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