BPL Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Smart Oxy

BPL Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Smart Oxy

BPL Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Smart Oxy


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Color of OLED screen
Simple one-button operation for quick and accurate results
Smartoxy is a portable fingertip
Measures pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels.
Monitored data displayed in four directions and six display modes
Battery operated, portable, compact and pocket friendly.
Low battery indicator
Anti-motion measurement enabled.

BPL Pulse Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

  • Featuring a colour OLED screen, Smartoxy is a portable fingertip oxygen monitor that has six display modes and four direction display.
  • It measures the blood oxygen levels, pulse rate and Perfusion Index.
  • Enhanced SpO2 accuracy during motion & low perfusion condition.
  • Visual indication of low battery alerts the user to change the battery graph.
  • Visual and audible alarm indication alerts the user in case of HI/LOW measurement readings
  • Low battery indication, alarm indication and auto shut-off.
  • Smart oximeter that measures SpO2, pulse rate, SpO2 Waveform, pulse index (strength of signal) and the battery status.
  • Tracks oxygen concentration to the closest values with minimal error.
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy usage
  • Color OLED screen with large fonts and brightness control.
  • Multidirectional display with 6 modes to show monitored data.
  • Comes with a compact carry pouch.


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