All you need to know about facemasks


The corona outbreak has caused a lot of destruction to people all around the world. As of 26th March, the total number of cases of COVID19 virus has gone up to 678 in India and 12 cases of COVID19 virus deaths have been reported in India. The total number of cases reported in the world is 4,71,000 and the overall death count has gone up to 21,286 all around the world. 

With no vaccinations currently available for COVID19 virus, it is highly important to take precautionary measures to avoid it. There are a number of ways you can try to prevent corona. One of the most discussed methods of preventing corona is using face masks.  Though face masks are being used as a method of preventing COVID19 virus, how effective they are in preventing COVID19 virus is still a matter of discussion among people. 

How does face mask help to prevent COVID19 virus?

Face masks are used to block large contaminants or particles or pathogens such as COVID19 virus. Surgical face masks and N95 respirators are the most commonly used face masks.  N95 respirators are face masks that are used to prevent the entry of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter. These face masks are used when the quality of air is poor such as pollution or smoke. They are tightly fitting face masks. The size of a COVID19 virus is 0.12 micron. Surgical face masks are face masks that are most commonly used by doctors or health care professionals to prevent large particles or splatters that may contain germs from entering your mouth or nose.  

Face masks can be used to prevent COVID19 virus, but it is more effective only when used by people who are sick or by people who are caring for the ill. Wearing a face mask will help stop the spread of the disease especially when you are coughing or sneezing. A person doesn’t have to wear a face mask if they are healthy unless the person is caring for the sick. It is, however, necessary for the sick to wear a face mask to help prevent the germs from spreading. Although facemasks prevent the spread of COVID19 virus, it is effective only when you frequently wash your hands either with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer.  One should also know how to dispose of a face mask properly in the trash. 

How to prevent COVID19 virus?

 A  few  other precautions that can be taken are:
1) Washing hands regularly for 20 seconds with either soap and water or an alcohol- based sanitizer. 
2) Avoid touching your face, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. 
3) Use a towel when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of the used towel in the covered dustbin and make sure to wash your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap or water for at least 20 seconds.
4) Avoid meeting people who are infected and maintain a safe distance of 1 meter from others especially if you live in an infected area.
5) Stay at home if you are feeling unwell or sick.
7) Clean frequently used places and also disinfect them. Clean and disinfect frequently used places like door knobs, laptops, mobiles, faucets, etc.

How to use face masks?

When you use face masks, it is important to use them correctly and dispose of them safely. If not used it the right way it might turn out to be a source of infection. 

 First, clean your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer for 20 seconds and only then touch the face mask.

 Now take the mask and place the mask at the bridge of the nose and with the help of your hands cover the mouth and nose completely, tying the mask firmly to the back of your head.

  When you wear a face mask, make sure there are no air gaps between your face and mask.

 Once you wear a face mask, do not touch the mask repeatedly. If you happen to touch your face mask, make a point to wash your hands with soap or alcohol- based sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.

 When you remove the mask, do not touch the mask and remove it from behind and dispose of it in a closed bin and wash your hands with alcohol-based hand run or soap and water

 Do not re-use a single-use face mask. Once the face mask is damp, dispose it off in the dustbin carefully.  

Face masks are one of the most effective ways of preventing corona. However, increasing or boosting your immunity would be yet another preventive measure that can be adopted in our daily life to fight COVID19 virus. Intake of food rich in vitamin D,  zinc, vitamin D, Vitamin B could help you boost your immunity. The most effective method would be to take high doses of vitamin C, vitamin B, zinc by intravenous therapy. Other foods that help you to boost your immunity are citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, and spinach.