Quick Info On Cancer Symptoms & Preventions

The international World Cancer Day is observed on February 4th of every year, to create awareness about cancer, its detection, treatment and encourage cancer prevention, and control. This initiative was launched with the aim of reducing the illness, suffering, pain, injustice, and death faced by cancer patients all around the globe and to bring in more insight about cancer and erase all myths about cancer. Here are a few prevention tips and a few symptoms you need to know about cancer.

Symptoms of cancer you shouldn’t Ignore

Skin Cancer: Skin cancer is a type of cancer that results from the abnormal growth of skin cells. It most is most commonly developed from exposure to the sun. Below are a few symptoms of skin cancer.
• Change in the colour of the mole, size, shape of a mole/ spot
• Red, pale colour lump or dry scaly areas.
• Red thickened scaly spot that bleeds easily

Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in cells of the breasts. Few symptoms of breast cancer are:
• Discharge from nipple
• Nipple turning inward
• Scaling/ redness of your nipple/ breast skin
• A lump in breasts

Lymphoma: Lymphoma is a type of cancer that is formed in lymphocytes. Below are a few symptoms of lymphoma:
• Swelling in your lymph nodes that last more than a month
• Fever
• Itchy skin
• Fatigue
• Weight loss without diet or exercise

Testicular Cancer: Cancer that occurs in testicles of males is known as testicular cancer. Few of the symptoms of testicular cancer are:
• An increase in the size of testicles or lumps
• Tenderness in the breast tissue of the man
• Dull pain in scrotum or testicle.
• The difference in the size of testicles
• Headaches

Colon cancer: It is cancer in the large intestine or colon of the human body. Few of the symptoms include:
• It’s common to have blood in stool or pee but if the bleeding is abnormal, you should consult the doctor.
• Losing weight without exercise or diet.
• Constipation, diarrhoea or changes in bowel movements or habits.
• Fatigue

Leukaemia: Leukaemia or blood cancer is the cancer of blood cells. Few symptoms of blood cancer are:
• Persistent fever
• Infections
• Pain in bone
• Fatigue
• Lymph nodes are swollen

Lung cancer: Lung cancer is a type of cancer in which the cells in the lungs multiply uncontrollably. Few of the symptoms include:
• A cough that lasts for 3 to 4 weeksv • Headaches
• Loss in appetite
• Wheezing

Prostate cancer: Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that affects the prostate gland of men. Few of the symptoms are:
• A frequent need to urinate
• An urge to urinate
• Painful or burning sensation while urinating
• Blood in urine or semen
• Problems with erection
• Pain in rectum
• Weak urine flow

Basal cell cancer: Basal cell cancer is a type of skin cancer that affects the basal cells. It is the most common type of skin cancer. Some of the symptoms are:
• A bump on the skin that looks like a mole or pimple
• Pink or red patches that are shiny and scaly
• Growth of skin that is hard and waxy.

Cancer prevention is the most effective proactive way of combating cancer. It is always better to prevent cancer from occurring in the first place. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Below are a few cancer prevention techniques that can be employed in our daily lives.

Steps to Prevent Cancer:

1)Avoid the consumption of tobacco: Tobacco is known to cause a lot of health-related issues including cancer. Tobacco is the main cause of pancreatic cancer, cancer of throat, larynx, kidney, mouth, oral cavity, lung, bladder and cervix.

2)Reduce the intake of alcohol: Alcohol consumption causes cancer in kidneys, colon, breast, and breasts. Try to regulate the intake. The quantity of alcohol you intake affects your health.

3)Maintain a healthy diet: A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are important to avoid the occurrence of chronic diseases like cancer. Avoid junk and processed food as much as you can. Broccoli, carrot, beans, cinnamon, nuts, olive oil, turmeric, citrus fruits, flax seeds, tomatoes, garlic, fatty fish have a lot of anti-cancer-causing agents in them.

4)Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight: Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help us prevent cancer. Regular exercise might lower the risk of various types of cancer like breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and cancer of the kidneys.

5)Avoid Sun: Skin cancer is caused by harmful UV radiation and ultraviolet rays. Too much exposure to the sun can result in skin cancer. Try to avoid the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. Apply sunscreen lotion, cover exposed areas.

6)Good hygiene and care: Do not share needles as it can lead to HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C which can increase the chance for liver cancer. Use preventative measures whenever you are having sex to avoid HIV or HPV which in turn increases the risk of cancer of penis, vulva, throat, anus. Getting vaccinated is one of the best cancer prevention methods.

7)Take regular medical check-ups: Take complete regular medical check-ups every year for early detection of diseases or illnesses. Early detection of cancer can help you in a successful recovery.

Cancer is not as dangerous as it was thought to be. Identifying cancer symptoms and preventing them is now a lot easier. Advanced treatment options are now available, and cure is possible like never before. Educate yourself about cancer thoroughly and let’s all strive to make a cancer-free world.